Hyrule Huddle Podcast: Leicester City sacks Ranieri, Nintendo Switch a week away, and thoughts on Captain Marvel’s upcoming MCU debut

Just as we hit the record button for this edition of the podcast came word from across the pond that Leicester City had made a sudden coaching change. We react to that news as well as the latest news regarding the Ole Miss football program and baseball’s new intentional walk rule. With one week to go until the launch of the Nintendo Switch, we also deal with our last minute questions and concerns about the new console from Nintendo. In the world of pop culture, we assess the current state of the DC cinematic universe and Josh educates Kevin on the background of Captain Marvel, who is rumored to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in The Avengers: Infinity War before getting her own standalone film in 2019.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

    • Leicester City sacking Claudio Ranieri
    • Ole Miss self-imposing a one-year postseason ban
    • MLB adopting a new intentional walk procedure
    • Nintendo Switch launching in one week
    • Kevin has begun playing the original Final Fantasy on Twitch (Day 1 stream, Day 2 stream)
    • The Batman has a new director in place and the importance of the 2017 lineup and The Batman for the DC cinematic universe
    • When will we get a new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
    • Josh provides the background to the character of Captain Marvel as Brie Larson gets settled into the role for the MCU.


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