A novice’s reaction to the latest Logan trailer

The second trailer for the upcoming Logan slashed our way. Let’s go.

As we approach the premiere of the latest chapter in the X-Men cinematic universe, and more specifically the saga of Wolverine, FOX dropped its second trailer for the new film, Logan. And it looks pretty good in this novice’s opinion. I’ll preface this by saying as I always do, when it comes to the background information and the source material of these movies, my knowledge is a bit limited, to put it kindly. So from my mostly outsider point of view, I still have much to learn about the story of the upcoming Logan.

I thought it would be fun to record a trailer reaction video for the latest Logan trailer and share some thoughts about it, so give it a watch.

I’m in. I honestly wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the movie after watching the first trailer released for this film, but there was something about this one that grabbed me a little more and sucked me in. I have since been a little bit more educated about the girl in the story, X-23. So I do have a little bit more insight into this film now than I originally recorded the video, but this will serve as a lesson to me to make sure I study up at least a little bit about a movie trailer before hitting the record button.

I have another movie trailer reaction video coming soon too, so check back later to see me react to another summer blockbuster coming this year. And be sure to catch our next episode of The Hyrule Huddle Podcast as Josh will surely educate me some more on this film’s backstory. And before the movie is released, stay tuned for a bit of a look back at the character of Wolverine leading up to the release of the film (and perhaps some Twitch streaming with Wolverine-themed games from the past?).

Logan hits theaters on March 3. You can view the trailer here.

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