Hyrule Huddle Podcast: Weekend college bowl preview, thoughts and confessions about Final Fantasy and more

After rushing through an episode just to get back in the swing of things last week, we’re back and fully loaded for this week’s edition of The Hyrule Huddle, in podcast form! And there was plenty to discuss as we put together this show. In fact, after the initial show sheet was drafted, Marvel decided to drop a new Spider-Man trailer on us and there was some news from the DC cinematic universe to discuss. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we throw together our thought son a range of topics from college football bowl games to the Nintendo Switch to the latest news from the comic book movie world. There may be no better podcast out there to satisfy all of your college football-superhero-video game cravings in one place.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Getting set for the first weekend (and week) of college football bowl games
  • Wake Forest leaks!
  • The Nintendo Switch is coming! Nintendo sets January date for Switch presentation.
  • Super Mario Run is out!
  • Kevin shares a Final Fantasy confession and lays out a tentative plan to address it; Josh has a confession to make too!
  • Marvel shows off the first trailer(s) for Spider-Man: Homecoming; new web series for Agents of SHIELD: Slingshot
  • Ben Affleck confirms The Batman begins shooting in spring, scheduled for 2018 release
  • New look at Aquaman for Justice League and Margot Robbie starring in Gotham City Sirens

The Hyrule Huddle is not currently available on iTunes (or Google Play or Stitcher etc.), but watch out for news on that front in 2017. It’s coming.

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