The Lorule Kingdom of Thought

Welcome to our world. We are the nerds who have been consumed by sport. We are not quite jock, but not quite full nerd. We represent those who grew up in a world where superheros and video games were normal, but sports were life. This site is the beginnings of an idea had by Josh Webb and shared by Kevin McGuire. It’s meant to be a place where our love of sports and nerd culture come together in one glorious new endeavor.

The basic idea behind the Hyrule Huddle was a TwitchCast that talked about sports through a video gaming lens. Kevin and Josh have spent many hours¬†writing, watching, and analyzing sports for various outlets. Through all of their work in sports, the guys realized that regular people and athletes are all on the same playground when it comes to video games. It’s something we all share and is a common ground for most people.

Not many people can relate to catching a touchdown to win the Super Bowl or putting up a triple-double in the NBA Finals, but most people can relate to a sitting sniper in Call of Duty — that one dude you can never find, but is racking up kills like nobody’s business. Video games are the great equalizer for many athletes and also a way for them to connect with their fans while getting in some down time.

Hyrule Huddle is simple. It is an outlet designed to bring you closer to athletes through video games and comics. Aside from opining on sports, video games, and nerd culture, Josh and Kevin plan to bring you interviews and videos of athletes playing video games and talking about nerd culture. Wanna know what your favorite player thinks of the new Captain America film? So do we.

Please join us as we attempt to get Hyrule Huddle off the ground. Just understand that this is a work in progress and will likely undergo many changes before it’s fully ready for consumption, but we plan to leave things up as we go and encourage your feedback along the way. Our goal is to fill a void that really seems like it ought to have been filled by people smarter than us, but we’re happy the opportunity has fallen to us.

Looking forward to a new start,

Josh Webb-Thomson

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